Repairs Information


Where can I take my product for a service ?

What are your banking details for payments?

I need some maintenance on my product,Where can I go, I am in # The Eastern Cape# The Free State# Gauteng# KwaZulu-Natal# Limpopo# Mpumalanga# The Northern Cape# North West# The Western Cape.

I would like to know where I can have my product cleaned or serviced, to avoid rust etc.

I received a tool as a gift and do not have the original receipt can I still get it repaired or serviced?

My product is fine but the pouch is damaged / broken / missing.

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  • Igna Rautenbach


    I have a LED Lencer head lamp that need repair work done to it.

    Where can I send it to?

    I am in Piet Retief – Mpumalanga

    Igna Rautenbach

  • Miles Japhet

    My X21R.2 torch has suddenly stopped working even though the battery charge indicator shows full.I ahve unscrewed both ends and reput them together with no luck.

    Is there a simple fix or do I have to send it in?

  • Juan Swart

    I need some maintenance on my product,Where can I go, I am in Gauteng

    I have an H7R and I lost the cover for the battery box.

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