Engraving Information

We offer laser engraving on lights that are physically large enough to engrave on. Please see the category of products we can engrave from the product menu above.

Engraving Options:

a. Text only: Pricing is calculated per line per product. Maximum 16 Characters permitted

b. Logo only or logo & text: Once-off setup fee for template. + Pricing is calculated per handle per tool.

Logo’s to be sent in as high resolution JPEG or PDF format. Normal text engraving can just be sent as “Joe Bloggs”, bear in mind the size of the area you would like to engrave.

Lead time for completion of engraving:

Text only for an order of 1 to 5 tools: +/- 2 working days

Logo only or logo & text for larger orders: +/- 5 to 10 working days

Any artwork will need to be approved by you via email or fax before engraving can commence. We will send you an example picture of what the engraving would look like on the selected tool.

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